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Spin Happy Entertainment all started with a plan. The plan was to develop a one of a kind mobile DJ business starting from scratch.

As with many business ideas, the most challenging part was gaining traction. After several years, a recipe for stirring up business was created. The recipe was a mixture of hard work and great service. Previous clients started referring their friends and family members. This created a snowball of business due to customer referrals. From that point on, customer satisfaction became a key ingredient.

As business picked up, more efforts were made to market the company. In 2010, with the help of some friends and local businesses, Spin Happy Entertainment produced an event on Pensacola Beach called "Pensacola Green Fest." The event was held on 9/11 to commemorate Patriot Day and to promote the environment and local businesses.

It was a success.

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida received a generous donation. Local businesses got plenty of recognition, including Spin Happy; but, most importantly, people had a good time.

To this day, Spin Happy Entertainment has proven to be a quality DJ service in the local arena. Now, with hundreds of weddings and party events under its belt, Spin Happy's success is due to its many satisfied customers.

If you would like more information, please visit the contact page or visit the price estimates page to get a quote.

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